top 10 things im into right now

0.playing music
1. sleeping
2.eating Mexican food army jacket
5.everything that has nothing to do with
with what i use to like
6.beach house
7.future islands white jeans
9.the fortune kitty collection in the house
10.old beat up 911 Porsches

1 comment:

  1. top ten lists! yesss...i like where this is going. i was going to make a top-list also, one of these days...i'm not going to tell you what about cuz you will steal my idea. but we should watch high fidelity one of these days....

    i'm so into mexican food too. i just bought a whole bunch of ingredients to try to re-create the burrito i had at capers. i just ate one and it was delish, i forgot cheese though, that's pretty major.