found this blog, and i got to say the person
is just like me..........WEIRD.................
i thought i would really like tumblr......
but now im not so sure i like it
i dont like this blog anymore, im changing it very soon
this wont exist in a couple of days
but i will start a new one.................

top 5 reasons im quitting this blog

1.i dont like it anymore
2.i hate the name of it
3.thats really it
4.i just am not happy with it at all
top ten reasons why i should go to Berlin

0. tired of not doing anything
2.Bre thinks its a good idea
3.most people i know say i would like it is cheap everyone tells me gives me something to work towards
6.i cant really think of anything else

a little drunk, but always a good idea
special thanks to Anna and Amanda
for the back ups......i say great work
top 10 things im into right now

0.playing music
1. sleeping
2.eating Mexican food army jacket
5.everything that has nothing to do with
with what i use to like
6.beach house
7.future islands white jeans
9.the fortune kitty collection in the house
10.old beat up 911 Porsches

these are some old ones that i like to keep secret....

but i will show them to you